IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society

The scope of the Society shall encompass all aspects of theory, design, practice, and application relating to computer and information processing science and technology.

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The IEEE Technical Society that covers the fields of Fusion Technology, Nuclear Medical and Imaging Sciences, Particle Accelerator Science and Technology, Pulsed Power Systems, Radiation Effects, Radiation Instrumentation, Plasma Sciences and Applications, Standards for Nuclear Instruments and Detectors, and Computer Applications in Nuclear and Plasma Sciences

NPSS Vision

Help nuclear and plasma engineers and physicists to relate to the technical advice, as well as assisting them to be motivated to innovate. Moreover, building undergraduate acquaintance of nuclear sciences is one of our major goals.

NPSS Goals

The fields of interest of the NPSS include Nuclear Science and Engineering (including radiation detection and monitoring instrumentation, radiation effects, nuclear biomedical applications, particle accelerators, and instrumentation for nuclear power generation), and Plasma Science and Engineering (including plasma dynamics, thermonuclear fusion, plasma sources, relativistic electron beams, laser plasma interactions, diagnostics, and solid state plasmas).