Date of event: 8th March 2018  Venue: A.D.Patel Institute of Technology

The day began with inaugural ceremony. Azra Tabbasum, Branch Manager, SBI bank, Karamsad branch was guest of honour for the ceremony. She gave talk on ‘Financial Management for Women’. Parallel to the inaugural ceremony, we had conducted Rangoli Competition. The participants were asked to prepare the rangoli using fresh flowers, Leaves or grains. The them was “Goddess”. The event was judged by Mrs. Jain and Dr. Urvashi Achraya.

It was followed by poster making competition. To make it more interesting no brushes were allowed. The participants were asked to decorate their posters using waste materials, veggie prints and so. The theme was given as; “1. Smart Use of Plastic Waste, 2. Recycling of Water, 3. Water Crisis in India, 4. Management of E-waste.”. The event was judged by Mrs. Bhairavi Soni, Dr Rajiv Bhatt, Dr. Ruchita Singh and Prof. Priya Shah.

For the faculty and non-teaching female staff, we had a quiz competition. Here, the topics like history, sports and entertainment were selected. We gave girls a chance to flaunt their dancing skills at the dancing competition. It was judged by Mrs Nandini Patel and Dr. Urvashi Acharya.

There was also WIE office bearer’s meeting which was attended by MBICT, GCET and ADIT college’s WIE office bearers. Arundhati Chafekar, an Entrepreneur was invited to give a motivational talk on “Self-Development Ideas for Women”. At the end of the day we had valedictory ceremony where all the winners of the different events were awarded and followed by the closing ceremony.

No of Participants: 194

Event Type: Non-Technical

Event Level: Regional

Date: March 8, 2018

Duration: One Day

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