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Seminar on Digital Marketing

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IEEE ADIT SB an active student branch of Gujarat Section had a great boost to New Year of SB with new working hands. As every morning sunshine flatters the sky with its beauty over the darkness similarly to come up with new and progressive image IEEE ADIT SB organized a seminar on DIGITAL MARKETING.

On the morning of 20th Jan 2018 IEEE ADIT SB just by its efforts brought a new revolution and advancement by presenting best faces from reputed organizations to deliver their thoughts in front of the grinding minds of ADIT. This seminar was held in ROOM NO: 141. The total attendees were 91, where NON IEEE members were 79, IEEE members were 12. The event started from 10:30 am which last ended at noon.

On the morning the attendees, registration took place and soon after that snacks were arranged for them. Meanwhile speaker had a meeting with the HOD of EC department. Than the session started at 10:30. The speaker initially introduced himself and then he came to the point of the day’s discussion. He took some points into consideration initially like.

  • What Digital Marketing is NOT?
  • What Digital Marketing is?
  • Difference between Traditional marketing and Digital Marketing.
  • Why Digital marketing?

There was an interactive session between attendees and speaker. And it continued discussing various points. One main point that all enjoyed was SOCIAL MEDIA ROLE IN DIGITAL MARKETING. And in this the session was really knowledgeable and enjoying. Also Mr. BHAUTIK had a great sense of making the crowd involved. The session ended with some discussion on Queries. At last making the event successful Mr. BHAUTIK SETH was given token of appreciation by our Branch Counselor Prof. HARSHUL YAGNIK. And then there was a group pic clicked on making the event remember in memories. This way IEEE ADIT SB had once again a successful event done in month of JANUARY.

No of Participants: 91

Event Type: Technical

Event Level: Branch

Date: January 20, 2018

Duration: One Day

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