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SAMPARK – 2019

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Date: 13th March, 2019

Faculty Event Coordinators: Ms. Anjali Diwan, Prof. Harshul Yagnik

Student Event Coordinators: Axat Patel, Raj Mrug

Brief about Event:

Sampark is an annual IEEE Gujarat Section event organized by student branches of IEEE Gujarat Section where every student branch members meetup, showcase events carried out under their student branch and get the best networking opportunity.

This year, Sampark 2019 was hosted by IEEE ADIT Student Branch on 10th March,2019 where 15 colleges registered themselves to attend the event. There were 394 delegates who took this opportunity.


Registrations started sharp at 9:00 am. Student members as well as faculty memebers registered themselves during 9:00 am to 10:00 am. After the registration process, the delegates were provided breakfast.

Poster Presentation

After the registration and breakfast, Sampark’19 started with the first competition of poster presentation which serves as the base for exploring the past activities and future plans of all student branches present.. Students were so involved and active presenting the posters of their Student Branch. G. H. Patel College of Engineering and Technology was declared as the winner of poster presentation competition.

Inauguration of Sampark’19

The delegates proceeded to the auditorium for the inauguration ceremony. For Sampark’19, Chairperson of IEEE Gujarat Section – Dr. Maniklal Das, Vice Chair of IEEE Gujarat Section – Dr.

Kiran Amin, Student Activity Chair of Gujarat Section – Ms. Anjali Diwan were invited. Inauguration ceremony started by lamp lightening followed by the prayer.Dr, Hetal Patel addressed the delegates regarding ADIT and CVM and welcomed each one present over there. After addressing the delegates, Dr. Maniklal Das delivered a speech. The inauguration ceremony ended by the vote of thanks through Prof. Harshul Yagnik. Award Distribution was being held where the 2 best volunteers from each Student branch where awarded for their hard work. After the Best Volunteer Award, the Best Student Branch Award was being presented in which A.D Patel Institute of Tecnology and Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology were declared as the winner. And the award ceremony concluded by presenting the Best emerging Student Branch.

Open House:

Open House is expected to witness a lot of innovative ideas coming together at one place. From every student branch, the member from it kept forward their question or doubt they have which were answered by the executive committee of IEEE Gujarat Section. Students were satisfied by recieving the appropriate response for their questions.

Talk by Mr. Ashish Agrawal was conducted after the open house. Mr. Ashish Agrawal, the founder of Paryavaran Mitra addressed the attendees.

Networking Lunch:

After the talk by Mr.Ashish Agrawal, the delegates were taken for their networking lunch. During lunch, members from various student branch took the oppurtunity of networking. They met up with the members of other SBs and discussed about the plans and meetups of their student Branch.

The Executive Meeting and Student Networking activity was ongoing parallely. Student branch’s respective chairs and Branch Counselor were being made a part of the Exceutive Meeting.

On the other hand the students were the part of student networking activity where they were made to play  various activities through which they can network with other delegates, get to know them. Various fun games made the delegates more active and involved in it. Bingo was introduced as a part for having introduction among delegates. Tug of war and Human knot were made a part of Sampark’19 for the team building purpose. Delegates enjoyed all activities.

Project Exhibition:

Members from all student branches present over their, presented the projects. The projects including ongoing technology, problems to various solutions which gave a lot to learn from. The project exhibition attracted delegates through various interesting and learning projects. The winners in project exhibition were final year computer engineering students from ADIT.

High Tea:

Finally everyone departed after having high tea.

Sampark’19 concluded as an amazing experience for each one. Ample of networking oppurtunity, meeting with other SB, gaining knowledge through various projects, all under one umbrella.

No of Participants:    IEEE Members: 261, Non IEEE Members: 75

Event Type: Professional

Event Level: Sectional

Date: 10th March, 2019

Duration: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Venue: A.D.Patel Institute of Technology

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