Welcome To IEEE ADIT Student Branch

IEEE Student Branch - A. D. Patel Institute of Technology, working under IEEE Gujarat Section is dedicated for professional development of students with advanced technical
support from IEEE.

Benefits received by IEEE Members

Additional Benefits


Staying current with the fast changing world of technology.

  • IEEE Spectrum Magazine – 12 monthly issues (print) and online
  • The Institute Newsletter – 12 monthly issues (4 print, 8 online)
  • IEEE Potentials Magazine – 6 issues (online)
  • IEEE Xplore – table-of-content and abstract access to 1.2-million documents
  • What’s New @ IEEE – produced monthly, electronic newsletters on technical topics (10 topics to choose from)


Belonging to the network and buying power of 365,000 members in 150 countries.

  • IEEE Sections – network with others in the local member community, and participate in local educational events
  • Technical Chapters – engage with others through informative technical meetings
  • IEEE e-mail alias – with virus protection and spam filtering
  • IEEE Members discounts – membership paying for itself, with as much as 50% off IEEE products
  • IEEE Conference – registration discounts
  • Volunteering – opportunities that build leadership skills and networking opportunities


Empowering members to build and own their careers, and venues to give back to society.

  • IEEE Job Site – locate career opportunities easily and confidentially
  • Career Alert – a weekly email newsletter containing career advice plus the job of the week from the IEEE Job Site
  • Continuing Education Partners Program – up to a 10% discount on online degree programs
  • Awards – recognize the accomplishments of technologists and engineers worldwide
  • Scholarships – enhance your resume with an IEEE scholarship
  • Consultants Database – a service available for matching technical consultants with clients
  • Today’s Engineer – monthly webzine devoted to the issues affecting IEEE members’ careers

Add-On Benefits

  • IEEE Member Digital Library – access up to 25 articles a month from any IEEE publication or conference proceeding
  • Proceedings of the IEEE – leading authoritative resource for in-depth research coverage, tutorial information and reviews
  • Insurance Services – customized selection of insurance products, designed for the professional engineer
  • Financial Services – receive discounts on financial services from our partnering companies
  • Home & Office Services – substantial discounts on products and services for your home and office
  • Travel Services – enhancing the overall travel experience for IEEE members and their families

Additional Member-ships

  • IEEE Society Membership – expands the scope and depth of your technical knowledge, expanded networks
  • IEEE Standards Membership – influence the direction and application of standards development
  • IEEE Women in Engineering Membership – promotes the entry into and retention of women in engineering programs


What does IEEE stand for?

IEEE, pronounced “Eye-triple-E” stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Why should I join IEEE?

As a member, you’ll be presented with new resources, valuable opportunities and many discounts that will help you advance your career in the right direction.

What are the benefits of IEEE Membership for an Undergraduate Student?

Technology professionals and engineers will always be continually challenged to keep abreast of new and changing technology. In addition to your studies, IEEE has the means for you to remain technically current through competitions and award-winning publications.

Can Mechanical Engineering students also join IEEE?

Well the answer is YES, because, M.E. students are equally fortunate to get benefited from IEEE (career building, publications, exposure etc.) as it is less about just being specified to a single field and more about the development and grooming of the students.

How can I join IEEE?

You can join IEEE right now by filling this form. You will be able to enhance your IEEE Membership by adding societies, special interest groups and subscriptions.

What is the registration fee for IEEE Membership?

You can have a full year IEEE Membership with the registration fee of PKR3000/-.

How broad IEEE is?

IEEE has round about 423,000 members including 117,000 student members in 160 countries and more than 50 percent are from outside the United States. Also, it is divided into 334 Sections in 10 geographic Regions worldwide.

Where can I access my IEEE payment receipts?

Visit www.ieee.org/webaccount. This resource page guides you step-by-step on how to ascertain the username and password information you need. If you need additional assistance, initiate a request for assistance to the IEEE Contact Center.

How can I access my IEEE Account username and password?

Log into myIEEE. Cursor over the link in the header of myIEEE called ‘myAccount.’ From the drop-down window, select ‘My Orders,’ where you will be prompted to log-in again. Upon entry, find and print your receipt

How do I change my mailing address?

Log into myIEEE. Cursor over the link in the header of myIEEE called ‘myAccount.’ From the drop-down window, select ‘Address Profile,’ where you will be prompted to log-in again. Upon entry, update and save your info.

What is included in my membership?

The most complete list of member benefits can be found at www.ieee.org/myieee. The list will distinguish benefits that come with your membership at no additional cost, as well as add-on products and services. Society benefits vary.

How do I gain access to the IEEE Job Site?

Log into myIEEE. Select the tab, “Profession Desktop.” Navigation to the IEEE Job Site will be presented in the left navigation bar.

To what do I have access in IEEE Xplore?

All IEEE members can search and review the 2 million + records and abstracts, and can download articles from IEEE Spectrum and. IEEE Potentials magazines. The ability to download other articles is dependent upon your add-on services, e.g., add-on membership to IEEE’s technical societies, and/or being an add-on subscriber to the IEEE Member Digital Library.