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IEEE Website Demonstration & Benefits & EXECOM Elections

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Brief about Event: IEEE ADIT SB an active student branch of Gujarat Section had a great boost to New Year of SB with new working hands. As every morning sunshine flatters the sky with its beauty over the darkness similarly to come up with new and progressive image IEEE ADIT SB for very first time had an election for establishing a new IEEE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.

On the morning of 06th Jan 2018 the new formation meet up was held in IT LAB ADIT. It was carried out from 8:30am to 11:30am with total 26 IEEE member attendees. Here the nominees very firstly had an introductory session elaborating their dedication towards the positions and then elections were carried out by IEEE members for their new dedicated guiders. And finally IEEE ADIT SB got a new mind called EXECOM MEMBERS elected by the active cells of SB.

Soon after the elections there was a session carried out by the new Chairperson of IEEE ADIT SB Sarthak Shah on IEEE Website Demonstration. Here the members were guided and educated with benefits of IEEE and branches of IEEE. Also they were told about various societies of IEEE. This way a small meet up was held.

This way IEEE ADIT SB had a great start for the fresh NEW YEAR with a great team and new managing mind also simultaneously a small members meet up.

No of Participants: 26

Event Type: Administrative

Event Level: Branch

Date: January 6, 2018

Duration: 3 hours

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