IEEE is world’s largest technical professional organisation dedicated to advancing innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity. It is designed to serve professionals involved in all aspects of the electrical, electronic, and computing fields and related areas of science and technology that underlie modern civilization.

Why Join IEEE?

IEEE helps members and others in the global technical community to interconnect and interact in myriad new ways. Like a string figure, IEEE is the critical interconnection between today’s global community of engineers and technologists and the young people who will continue to advance technology to benefit society. From continuing education courses and getting certifications, to attending conferences and competitions, you can learn, create and achieve more of what matters in your life and career through IEEE membership.


IEEE Societies, Councils & Affinity Groups

IEEE has 39 technical Societies that provide benefits to members within specialised fields of interest. IEEE Technical Councils are groups of Societies working together in broad areas of technology. Technical Councils sponsor member activities such as technical meetings, publishing, promoting educational activities, and developing standards. IEEE affinity and special interest groups are local units of IEEE organisational units, or standing committees.

IEEE Magazines

IEEE publishes the leading journals, transactions, letters, and magazines in electrical engineering, computing, biotechnology, telecommunications, power and energy, and dozens of other technologies. Almost all of these publications are available electronically through the IEEE Xplore digital library.